Yangzhou ChangYun plastic technology co., LTD., founded in 2011, on June 17, now a registered capital of 45 million yuan. Company is located in jiangsu province jiangdu district fairy town city industry park north district, covers an area of 92 mu, total construction area of 25000 square meters.
The original shareholders yangzhou ChangYun automobile fuel tank manufacturing co., LTD. (now stock company accessories factory), located in the northern suburb of yangzhou city jiangdu district Shao Bo, was founded in October 1970, has all kinds of mechanical forging welding equipment more than 120 sets, can according to user requirements, production of various models of domestic metal fuel tank and other stampings, can produce metal fuel tank 250000 only. Company to meet the needs of the market and its own development, expand the scale of production capacity, the original six layers co-extrusion plastic fuel tank production line moved to fairy jiangdu district, the city industrial park, and invest in the introduction of Germany advanced KAUTEX automotive plastic fuel tank production equipment KBS241, now six layers of plastic fuel tank capacity of 550000, 300000 single tank. Plans to build four six-story, three single plastic fuel tank production line, can produce six layers of plastic fuel tank more than 100, ten thousand, 500000 single tank, to create a professional production base of plastic fuel tank.
The main customers are: geely, guangzhou passenger cars, zhongtai, zhejiang spring breeze, jianghuai automobile, nanjing, xiamen jinlong, suzhou jinlong, yutong bus, long yasuda, etc.
"ChangYun" brand trademark for well-known trademarks in yangzhou, fuel tank car accessories products, such as famous quality products for jiangsu market, China's auto parts trust products. Is the present domestic only a at the same time production of metal tank, single plastic fuel tanks, six layers co-extrusion blow molding fuel tank manufacturing enterprise, can meet the needs of all types of users of automotive fuel tank.

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