Recruitment process

  • 1Delivery
  • 2Screen
  • 3First try
  • 4Retest
  • 5Final
  • 6Sign a contract

Resume delivery

You can send your resume to us in the following two forms.:

1、Dial the phone number of our website86-514-80918703。

2、Can give us a message online。

Resume screening

Your resume will be screened by professionals. If you pass the resume screening successfully, you will receive our call to inform you of the interview. Please ensure the smooth flow of signal on the phone listed on your resume.

Preliminary test

In view of the different positions that you deliver, we will interview you respectively; at the same time according to the requirements of the position, some positions also need you to participate in the written examination.

Two interview

Through the test, you will receive timely two interview invitation. Please get ready in advance.

Final interview

After you pass the two interview, we will inform you in the shortest period of time to come to the final interview. Please come to attend on time.

Remuneration agreed and signed

After you pass the final interview, will receive our mail, telephone and other forms of invitation, please come to pay the agreed and signed.

When you pass through the layers of screening, after the successful signing, you will become a new member of the long transport of plastic.

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